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Why Place?

Obviously, more and more people start loving with online shopping and it seems slowly taking over the world of retail. However, due to the nature of online shopping, consumers will not be able to see, to touch or to feel the product before they actual receive it, this fact is especially disconcerting to those who buying expensive home decor. At Place, we try our best to eliminate this weariness, and we never stopped the pace.

About the replica…

Replica is never a simple matter, it requires highly specialized personnel in all aspects, no matter they are plastic injection engineers, mold designers, grinding workers, welders or sewing workers, they all need to have sufficient understanding for the products they produced. At Place, we don’t just work with any furniture maker, we find only the best companies who have systemized manufacturing processes and rigorous quality control testing. Our reproductions are stay true to the original and produced with the highest quality materials and manufacturing techniques.

About the shipping…

We always try to get your product dispatched as soon as we can, and we promise not to add any extra on the shipping cost, all the cost are directly charged by the courier companies, no to mention our Free Shipping Scheme for Sydney metro areas.

About the trust…

We believe the prerequisite of a successful online shopping is the trust, so more and more people start choosing online shopping, means more and more trust has built between the people, sounds great, isn’t it?

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Your Place, Your Choice.


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