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Place Exclusive Boutique – Nirwa


Asli grew up with a granny who sews wonderful dresses for her children and grandchildren. That old lady was living in a village house with a humble garden and the house was full of precious handmade goods which are mostly done by her. Time passed by and her grandchild Asli evolved to a young lady who is touched by handmade goods magic.

One day, Asli started her own brand – Nirwa and turned on the sewing machine. So it began.

Now Asli runs the business with her husband Murat and their cat Ned in Istanbul, Turkey. Most of her works are inspired by nature, complex geometrical/abstract shapes and art: especially Joan Miró Ferra and Vasiliy Kandinskiy. Once Asli’s original designs came alive on the fabric with the bright and colorful geometric patterns, Asli turns it to dozens of lovely cushion covers by handcutting & sewing in her studio. Asli is also a freelance illustrator with a huge love for photography, crafts and everything artsy.


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